New Quad



Yep, it's true.  I got me one of them thar quads, ya know, eh? 

Update: 05-24-03 - Rick and I went riding again to the Ocala National Forest.  This time, we took some video.  They are at the bottom.  Warning... they are large.... only download if you have a broadband connection!

Update: 05-23-03 - Jeff, Rick, and I spent a good part of the day riding the trails in the Ocala National Forest.  I saw a bear, and two deer.  Of course, I didn't have my camera with me at the time!

Ok, I won't make any redneck jokes.  Yes, I got a new quad Friday, May 23.  Can't wait to get it out to Ocala, tooling around!  Here are some pics!  TodaY I had my camera--no bear, no deer!

Here is the star of the show.  That's me on it!  Yes, I got a new quad and some riding gear (aren't I fashionable), and here's the proof.
Only a few hours and already I'm doing some grand stunts!
Another view of my baby, all alone this time more pic.  Ain't she pretty??
Suzuki makes the LTZ250.
Here is my little white devil, hiding out in the garage....
Here, we are, boys with their toys!  All ready to go.....
My baby.....
Jeff, relaxing between turns at tearing up the trails.
Rick, resting.
And me, getting ready to ride!
Dale Marie joined Rick and I on June 14 for a beautiful Florida summer day in the Ocala National Forest.  Dale sure did enjoy riding the Quad.  Here she is on one of her first rides....
....Of course, she had to get her helmet to do any serious riding.... and here she it, protected.
Rick, do I sense a threat here.... Dale's getting ready to ride the mean 420 machine, just out of the shop and running better than ever!


05-24-03 - OK.  Here is some video of me, riding my new toy, my Lil White Devil, my LTZ250, my quad.  This a WMV file, Windows Media, and is about 5 megs.  Download of you're on broadband only!


05-24-03 - Rick and I were riding in the Ocala National Forest, and I took this video of Rick riding one of the trails.  Again, it's a big file(2.5 megs), suitable for broadband download only, and a Windows Media file (WMV) to boot!


06-14-03 Ms. Dale Marie joins us for a day of riding in the Ocala National Forest. An even bigger file than the others, by the way... a whopping 7 megs.  Worth it for the retro music alone....??

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