Gehrman Beach Day



Guy and Sandy Gehrman ventured to Florida for some R&R time with their two children, Amanda and Gordie, in tow.  We spent the day at the beach.... here is the evidence!

A family portrait, as such a thing should be taken: together after a long day at the beach.  You may notice a bit of color here and there, too! Suffice it to say, a good time was had by all!
Sandy on the beach.
Guy is bringing in the treasures of the deep.....
...the treasures of the deep.  We found well over two dozen sand dollars... If they were real money, we coulda been rich!!
Gordie with the treasure trove of shells.
Another pic of was hard to get a picture of him NOT in the water! 
Amanda is getting some sun.
Hmmm.... look what washed up on the's a Gordie!!

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