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Ok, here are some movie clips from our North Carolina Trip.  Caution: they come in two flavors, choose the right one.  The quality of the Cable ones is much better, but you'll wait all day for it to download if you're on a Dial-Up and choose the wrong one!

Check back often, I'll be adding more clips as I start to pour through the hour and forty minutes of digital video I've taken!

Boy Scouts of America.  Need I tell you what this one is all about?  I don't think so, not if you were there....!
Cable Modem Clip
Dial-Up Clip
Wasted Away in Margaritaville.  Well, Jimmy wasn't here, but "guess who" was?
Cable Modem Clip
Dial-Up Clip
Picasso may not be worried, but one day when I collect the her e-mails into a book, I'll make a million off of Mary.... This clip is a big one, by the way..... The Real Media one has this text on it, too.
Cable Modem Clip
Dial-Up Clip
Real Media with text (the best)
Surfer Babes! OK, perhaps this was not endorsed by the Beach Boys, but here's what happens when you give a surf board to my sisters.....!
Real Media Clip (recommended)
Cable Modem Clip (large)
Dial-Up Clip (small)


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